Choosing Posterous over Tumblr

After a semi-thorough comparison, I'm choosing Posterous over Tumblr. Initially, I wanted to pick Tumblr for no reason other than it being in NY and being funded by Union Square Ventures. However, I chose Posterous because of it's:
  • compatibility with how I write - The easiest way for me to sync post writing across my desktop, laptop, and phone is to save drafts in gmail. It seems like the Posterous team had this specific use case in mind for their product.
  • orientation toward longer-form posts - I need a place to ramble, and to me, Posterous has a look and feel that lends itself to longer posts.
  • focus on content creation - Tumblr seems like it's based on sharing other content, which is fine, but not what I'm going for with this blog.