Understand the differences between iOS and Android

My name is Nathan, and I'm an Android fanboy. I've been investigating the differences between Android and iOS user experiences recently, and wanted to summarize my findings for you:

That's right: one of these things is not like the others. This is how it feels to use your iOS app that you directly cloned for Android.

Don't port your interface from iOS to Android directly. There's a minimal level of work you have to do to take your app from bleach to milk. Just take a look at these resources.

Pure Android will give you 80% of what you need to know in five minutes.
iOS 7, iOS6, and Android UI Element Equivalents will take you up to 90% in another five minutes.
Android Design Guide will take you up to 95% in a few hours.

To get the rest of the way, I'd suggest using Android device as your primary mobile device for a week at least.

If these types of user experience challenges interest you, we're hiring mobile engineers at Amplify. Feel free to contact me directly at nhurst@amplify.com if you're interested.