I'm joining Teachers Pay Teachers

I’ve been programming for mobile for 15 years. “What?! Mobile wasn’t around in 2000,” you say? Well, you’re forgetting about the original mobile, the TI-83 graphing calculator.

BASIC on the TI-83 was my first experience with programming, and it all started because a teacher told me I could use calculator apps on tests if I made them myself. I’ve been programming ever since, and it has shaped who I am as a person. This is just one example of the profound effect teachers can have.

Today, I’m proud to announce I’m joining a company that helps teachers share these transformational experiences: Teachers Pay Teachers. Teachers Pay Teachers is the world’s first and largest open marketplace for educators to buy, sell, and share their original resources. It’s growing like crazy and has already paid out over $100M to teachers.

I’m excited to join a great team including:

  • Sha-Mayn Teh (previously an engineering manager at Google)
  • Adam Freed (previously COO at Etsy)
  • Jared Cohen (previously COO at Kickstarter)
  • Kirsten Nevill-Manning (previously director of FB recruiting)
  • Scott Carleton and Alexis Tryon (from Artsicle who I met during the good ol’ days at Dogpatch Labs)

If you’re interested in hearing more, ping me at nhurst@teacherspayteachers.com - I’d love to grab coffee, hear what you’ve been doing, and tell you what we’re up to!