Don't re-elect SOPA supporters on Tuesday

As elections draw near, remember that it's not just about the President. We'll vote on a number of Congressional seats too.

If you haven't take a second to get a quick read on your senator and representative, do that now.

As you're considering congressional leaders, take note of who never came to their senses with regard to SOPA, the bill that was going to break the internet. For quick reference, if you're in one of these states or districts, please pay extra attention.

You have a SOPA supporter up for re-election: 

Don't re-elect Senator Kyl

Everyone: Don't re-elect Senator Feinstein
District 24: Don't re-elect Representative Gallegly

District 27: Don't re-elect Representative Sherman
District 28: Don't re-elect Representative Berman
District 29: Don't re-elect Representative Schiff
District 32: Don't re-elect Representative Chu
District 33: Don't re-elect Representative Bass
District 43: Don't re-elect Representative Baca
District 45: Don't re-elect Representative Bono Mack

District 1: Don't re-elect Representative Larson

Everyone: Don't re-elect Senator Nelson
District 12: Don't re-elect Representative Ross

District 19: Don't re-elect Representative Deutch
Distruct 20: Don't re-elect RepresentativeWasserman Schultz

District 12: Don't re-elect Representative Barrow

District 14: Don't re-elect Representative Conyers Jr.

Everyone: Don't re-elect Senator Klobuchar

District 1: Don't re-elect Representative Nunnelee

North Carolina
District 12: Don't re-elect Representative Watt

New Mexico
Everyone: Don't re-elect Senator Bingaman

District 2: Don't re-elect Representative Amodei

New York
District 3: Don't re-elect Representative King
District 23: Don't re-elect Representative Owens

Everyone: Don't re-elect Senator Brown
District 1: Don't re-elect Representative Chabot

Everyone: Don't re-elect Senator Casey
District 10: Don't re-elect Representative Marino

Rhode Island
Everyone: Don't re-elect Senator Whitehouse

Everyone: Don't re-elect Senator Corker
District 5: Don't re-elect Representative Cooper

District 21: Don't re-elect Representative Smith

District 6: Don't re-elect Representative Goodlatte


Data courtesy of ProPublica
* Some SOPA supporting senators and representatives are not mentioned here because they're not up for re-election or aren't running again.

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Jon Kyl (AZ) is retiring
Lee Terry of NE was one of the original 12 cosponsors of SOPA:
Sen. Gillibrand (D-NY) gave a really weak retraction of her support for SOPA and co-sponsored PIPA.
Gallegly (CA-24) is not running.
Sen. Bob Menendez from New Jersey should be on this list.
If this was the only issue worth voting for, I would definitely vote against these incumbents. There are much bigger things at stake right now.
Thanks for this. Very helpful.
Senator Kyl is not running for re-election.

Congressmen Berman and Sherman are running against each other in California's "top two system." One of them will win, period.

Conyers (D-MI) is running in the 13th district now due to redistricting:'s_14th_congressional_district
I'd be very interested in seeing a followup post on which of these representatives won and which lost after Tuesday.
Pete King is running in New York's 2nd district due to redistricting.
Thank you, this is a very useful resource. Although it will not be the sole determining factor in my vote, I WILL take it into consideration as a major factor.
And yet my alternative to Brown is Josh Mandel ... no thanks.
I'd gladly send senator Feinstein home for SOPA support, but Elizabeth Emken is so wrong on so many important issues. Not to mention I doubt she would support free internet. So, pass.
I wrote my elected officials about SOPA/PIPA a while back. Only Nancy Pelosi wrote me a reasonable response, saying explicitly that she agreed that "these bills were not the right answer for innovation." Several of the other folks (including Feinstein) told me I didn't know what I was talking about regarding internets. I have an MS in CS/CE, worked for a search engine owned by a major book-seller right out of college, and now build really smart routers. I know how "internet" works.
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